back to black… or something like that.

27 Aug

so at first; my english is really really bad, but for my future i need to improve my english. so the best thing to do that, is writing a blog. and at the moment i just watch every tv-show or movie in english. omg i hate this german synchro so much, especially vampire diaries. i watched it in the us this summer, then i came back to switzerland and i saw this in german !! it was sooooo bad i turned the tv off. so since then i don’t watching anything in german… it’s just not the same. and it really helps me to understand much better english, but the biggest problem i definitly have with the writing and speaking. i have no idea of word order… so yeah i hope it helps me! cheers.

so now, my day beginns sooo funny. i just laught one hours (@morning, 7.30 a.m) at work with my co-worker sabrina. we were so crazy… yeah it’s fun to work here buuut i quit my job. so i work till 30.11.10 and then i’m free of boooring office-work. it just really sucks. i mean i need something different, something to be creative. i’m just going under if i work here too long. so i quit it. it was the best decision i could decide. i’m so happy ’bout it. so yeah we will see what comes. at first i will make a month of nothing. just drawing, being creative and of course we will go to usa. we went this summer for 4 and a half weeks to the united states… but it was too short lol. i just love this country so much, i miss it really. but yeah in december we will go for a week or something like that. we will see.

so yeah, you see i’m a really happy person. mostly. 🙂


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