30 Aug

so most people don’t like mondays… yes i don’t like mondays either but today is a good monday. you know, if you quiet you’re job it’s such a great free feeling… i can’t describe it. it’s just incredible. and i just don’t care anymore. i don’t care what people say ’bout that, i mean hello? it’s my life, my decision. point. end. but so much people doesn’t understand that. don’t understand how you can quiet you’re job… yeah ’cause you know the safety princip. but i’m not into the safe life. i’m twentytwo years old and i know i can’t work in a office for the rest of my life. i need much more creativity in my life, i need the action, the musicians, artists around me. not the boring office workers in their business clothes. it’s just not me to be here. to sit here for more than 8 hours and more than 43 hours in the week. you know. i’m going down if i don’t have my creativity spirits with me, if i just can’t do what i want but specially if i can’t being creative…
and you don’t believe but since i quiet my job i’m more than just creative, it’s just so here… it’s everywhere i could draw the whole planet on XD oh yeah i’m so crazy. but i’m searching for my finally self. it’s such a fun ride. you can’t imagine…


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