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kiss me or kill me.

12 Sep

i really forgott to tell you about the season opening from vampire diaries season two. OMFG! it was just so great. i need the next episode, i’m so obsessed with this show. i love the whole story and now katherine is back and i love her so much!! aw it’s just so awesome. thihi.

and the next thing is … i read the hunger games. now i’m finished with the third and list book mockingbird. i was so depressed when i was finished. i love this books just so much it’s like a obsession. i couldn’t think about anything else it was really sick and it’s still… because i don’t like the ending. haha. i never like the end of a book, it’s the second sickness i have. i just i wanted katniss to be with gale and not petaa. but yeah i can’t change it. but i love the books still. they need to do a tv show about the books not a movie. because it’s just too much for a movie (even they would make three or four…) it would be the best tv show next to vampire diaries. haha.


we are young! we are free!

12 Sep

“Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I made and would have unmade if I could. The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it, for having been allowed to walk where I’ve walked, which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, and above.” – gia

If you still care, don’t ever let me know…

11 Sep

finally i wrote my best friend yesterday… HE was everytime my best friend, we had this on-and-off not romantic but really hot relationship… but in the same time he was the best friend of my ex-boyfriend blablabla. it was so fucking complicated so i gave that time up. i just gave up to fight because i did it for two years of my life… and now i was two days sick and i dreamed everytime of d. it was horrible. all this memories i just ignored for a long time… but i realized i never really fight with them. with my memories. so i wrote him… because we had a long time no contact. i think the last was at my birthday and in the other time we just saw us at parties but never really talked…
but yeah it didn’t fixed everything. it’s just the same, he’s the same idiot he was a long time before. lol. and just to know that helps me really. because i really love my boyfriend so much, we share so much together and he was everytime there for me. i was really scared i would have old feelings for the other boy but… i never had anymore. i just never talked about it and ignored it and so it would worse and worse… but finally i can say i’m so good. smile.

oh dear.

11 Sep



2 Sep

so now, i just can’t sit on my mouth. how could this happen to one of my favourite band???? seriously, i thought when i heard the catalyst “ok, it’s shitty and not linkin park but the album will be better…” haha. dreams over babe. second song. second shit. i’m so sorry to talk like this because i really really loved linkin park ever. i was on every fucking concert in the first line, now every song word for word… but that isn’t lp anymore. it’s just that creepy techno sound i just really dislike. 😦
i’m so angry and sad … grr


1 Sep

yes i’m a little kiddy and i fucking love this anime show!! it’s fantastic, it’s perfect and i’m so in love with it.


1 Sep