kiss me or kill me.

12 Sep

i really forgott to tell you about the season opening from vampire diaries season two. OMFG! it was just so great. i need the next episode, i’m so obsessed with this show. i love the whole story and now katherine is back and i love her so much!! aw it’s just so awesome. thihi.

and the next thing is … i read the hunger games. now i’m finished with the third and list book mockingbird. i was so depressed when i was finished. i love this books just so much it’s like a obsession. i couldn’t think about anything else it was really sick and it’s still… because i don’t like the ending. haha. i never like the end of a book, it’s the second sickness i have. i just i wanted katniss to be with gale and not petaa. but yeah i can’t change it. but i love the books still. they need to do a tv show about the books not a movie. because it’s just too much for a movie (even they would make three or four…) it would be the best tv show next to vampire diaries. haha.


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